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Maintenance tips for industrial robots

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内蒙古11选5Maintenance tips for industrial robots

Industrial robots may cause failures. Because the joints of the robots are mostly screwed, the screws may loosen and loosen due to long-term vibration; the robots may fall apart, and the joints of the components may be broken.

On the other hand, the cause of the vibration of the manipulator is that the wire joint is loose and loose, and the relay is loose and loose, forming a scene of poor contact of the electric road. Invited robotic chaos, electronically controlled crashes, burned out electronic control and other sights.

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Daily attention for industrial robots:

Manipulator hydraulic buffer: It should be changed on schedule.


Use the cylinder end cap seals for a long time, reflect the gas pipe, and the joints should be changed in time.

12 months to reflect on the rectification of wire connectors, plugs, sockets, etc.

Robotic pneumatic components: All the measures of the simple and multi-functional manipulator depend on the gas source to advance, and the air source must be shaken with little change and no water.

Because gas and water are two kinds of divergent media, the gas is invisible, the water is tangible, water will accumulate in the trachea, cylinder and electromagnetic, and the electromagnetic valve will be stuck and helium, and the gas seal will be worn and leaked. When the cylinder moves, it shows weakness, embarrassment, no action or sudden quick action, and the trachea and joint burst.

In summary, the automated manipulator can effectively replace the labor to improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, and the maintenance cost is low, but the maintenance should be carefully maintained in the daily maintenance, so as to avoid the failure of the automated manipulator and avoid the impact on the production efficiency of the enterprise.

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