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The composition and function of the robot

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内蒙古11选5The composition and function of the robot

    The type of manipulator can be divided into hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and mechanical manipulators according to the driving method; it can be divided into special manipulators and general manipulators according to the applicable range; according to the motion track control mode, it can be divided into point control and countdown track control robot. Wait.

    The robot is mainly composed of a hand and a moving mechanism. The hand is a part for gripping a workpiece (or tool), and has various structural forms according to the shape, size, weight, material, and work rejection of the object to be grasped, such as a grip type, a holding type, a conductive type, and the like. . The motion mechanism causes the hand to perform various rotation (rotation), movement or filling motions to construct a prescribed motion, and to change the orientation and posture of the grasped object. The independent movement of the moving mechanism, such as the loading, the front end, and the rotation, is called the degree of freedom of the robot. In order to capture an object of a given orientation and orientation in space, six degrees of freedom are required. Degree of freedom is a key parameter for robotic design. The greater the degree of entitlement, the greater the flexibility of the manipulator, the wider the versatility, and the simpler the structure. Generally, the special robot has 2 to 3 degrees of freedom.


Robots are often used in machine tools or other machine options, such as containers and transfer workpieces on automated machine tools or automated production lines, replacement of tools in machining centers, etc., generally without the control of an independent country. Some operator devices must be manipulated by humans. For example, master-slave operators who use dangerous materials in the atomic energy department are often referred to as robots.

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